Who are we

Steve – aka Mr Buttersmith

Worked in electronic and communications industries for 28 years. Sailed the seas as a Radio Officer on QE2 and other ships, has lectured in electronics and was involved in the early days of mobile phone networks. He was especially pleased to visit Ireland last year with Mrs and Miss Buttersmith to the old farm homestead and farm where his dad was born and the place where he spent many happy times with his family and to see the old homestead with the family churn and separator still there..Steve loves to relax by playing his guitar, ham radio and read good history books or novels.

Jan – aka Mrs Buttersmith

Worked previously in Adult Education. She used to get a buzz when her students would understand something they were learning, she gets the same buzz when she sees people’s enjoyment when they taste our butters for the first time.

She describes herself as a city girl at heart but a country girl in her soul. She has achieved and is living her dream of owning horses since moving to New Zealand. She also likes to attempt yoga, scrapbooking and dabbling in art in her spare time.

She, along with Steve, is passionate about growing the profile of food in the Waikato area and is a board member responsible for the Food Producers Collective of Waikato Food Inc.

Master and Miss Buttersmith

Our kids, who support us by; being our testers; sounding board; social media shout outs; plus they are always more than willing to take any spare butter off our hands! In the early days they would even help us out at the markets, when they weren't working themselves of course!