CHRISTMAS PREORDER - Traditional Crème Fraîche 250g

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Our Crème Fraîche is the more luxurious cousin to sour cream, the main difference being that Crème Fraîche has a higher fat content. Crème Fraîche is ideal for cooking as it doesn’t curdle easily. We make our Crème Fraîche in the traditional way using lactic cultures to thicken the cream and it contains no additives such as gelatin, rennins or emulsifiers, truly “thickened by nature”.

Use in baked potatoes or potato salads, pair it with pesto on bread, or a healthy dollop in a soup or cauliflower puree. Also add to desserts. Whatever you use crème fraiche for, this is the one for you.

Our Crème Fraîche comes in a glass jar, that enables you to minimise the use of plastic and be kind to the environment.

Purchasing this item is preordering it in time for Christmas. This guarantees your order in the Christmas batch.

 Your order will be dispatched the 20th/21st December fresh in time for Christmas and the holidays season.

 You can not order normal batch items and Christmas Preorders at the same time, they need to be separate orders.