Ghee - 200g Jar

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Our cultured butter is turned into the 'oil of butter' - ghee. 

Ghee is clarified butter taken a step further, enhancing the flavours and making it more like the traditional ghee made for thousands of years. Like all our other products we want to honour the product to be the very best it can be (which is why we make it with cultured butter rather than sweet cream butter) and to be as traditional as we can within the requirements of a modern legislation. Our ghee is in a glass jar which of course is good for the environment but also for the ghee because that means there is no plastic leeching into the ghee.

Our ghee has a nutty almost caramel tone to it, the texture is almost grainy which our research shows is a sign of a great ghee.

Most commonly known for Indian cooking, ghee is much more than that! Ghee has the second highest smoke point which means it is better to use in cooking, and the taste (think of a buttery taste) adds to the flavour of what you are cooking. Ghee is used as a carrier in Ayurvedic medicine so add some to your smoothies to help with the absorption of the nutrients. Also great for Keto and Paleo diets.

Because we are using Cultured Butter, which is low in lactose due to the fermentation process, ghee has had the remaining lactose left in the butter removed as well as most of the milk proteins, so it is an ideal spread alternative for people with lactose issues and milk allergies - we always recommend caution for those with allergies and care must be taken when trying!