NZ BLACK TRUFFLE - Cultured Butter 120g

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Our Gold medal winning unsalted cultured butter is made by batch churning cream which has been fermented and ripened slowly for at least 170 hours, which gives the creamy tangy taste for which cultured butter is renowned. Our butter is produced in the traditional way that farmhouse butter was always made “back in the day”.

We are proud to be working with local truffle producers to create this exceptional product. Our Cultured Butter pairs beautifully and brings out those exquisite truffle flavours, and we used real Perigord Truffle (10% is used in each roll - we don't skimp on ingredients!). Will only be available for how long the season lasts! Our tip buy and freeze it and it will keep for up to six months!!

Ideal to slice and place a disc on top of steak, or toss through warmed pasta. To make you feel really special start your day with it just spread it on your toast!

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