Traditional Buttermilk 500ml

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Our true cultured buttermilk is pro-biotic and tangy like a watery yoghurt, and you will probably find flecks of butter from the buttermaking process as well!

True buttermilk is hard to find as it is a by-product of the cultured butter making process. As we make our butter in the most traditional way possible and being full of live bacteria, it is a traditional buttermilk.

Use it in your baking – excellent for scones, pancakes or Irish soda bread, as a marinade for meats especially chicken (chefs have told us that the live cultures tenderise the meat to make it especially tender). Use it in ranch dressings, some people even love to drink it!

Our Cultured Buttermilk comes in a glass bottle, that enables you to minimise the use of plastic and be kind to the environment.

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