Traditional Clotted Cream 260g

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We were often asked by Kiwis to make a proper clotted cream like the ones they tasted while on holiday or OE. So, we set about developing our own after trying the real stuff on a visit overseas. Our major issue was getting a suitable high fat cream which we managed to overcome. We knew we had hit the mark when people told us that they were transported to times they enjoyed cream teas in London or Devon and Cornwall.

Clotted cream is not whipped cream, it is a thick, almost sticky, very rich cream with a traditional crust on top with a thin milky bottom layer to pop in to your baking or coffee.

Clotted Cream is a delight with classic cream teas on scones paired with jam, to add a hint of luxury to any dessert. It is a great to pair as way of balancing the sweetness of pavlovas or use with fresh fruits.

Our Clotted Cream comes in a glass jar, that enables you to minimise the use of plastic and be kind to the environment. It comes in two sizes 145g and 260g.

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